Remanufactured Ford Focus 2.0L SPI Engines

ford-focus-20l-enginesFord Focus was created in 1998 for the U.S. market. This vehicle had already achieved fame in Europe. The engine was a familiar one to the Ford family. The CHV Escort engine was tapped to power the 2000 to 2004 Focus before the Duratec was used. The SPI configuration allowed more horsepower than the standard Escort engine base. This was one of the selling points Ford used when it introduced the United States market to the Focus. We have Ford Focus 2.0L SPI engines on sale each day from this very website. What you’ll find here at is that our pricing is very low.

Both the Ford Focus and the Focus Wagon made use of the Split Port Induction engine. This 2.0L SOHC engine improved the horsepower over the standard Escort engine. We’re able to get these engines and rebuild them for less. There is still a big demand for the early 2000 series Focus engines. This was right before the new technology came out from Ford. Mechanics that do not work on Duratec engines often prefer the older CVH engine base. The parts availability and ease of installation are two other elements that engine buyers of this Ford engine receive.

Ford Focus 2.0L SPI Engines

Value is the one thing that you can’t take away after you buy an engine. The used engine market is flooded with replacement engines. One thing that you’ll find when trying to find a replacement is quality issues. We started our rebuilding company because we wanted to offer a higher quality of engine. You can only upgrade a used engine or repair it so many times. A completely rebuilt engine especially from Ford is designed to last for decades. By restoring the factory engine components, we’re able to get 2.0L Focus engines running great. We don’t have to waste time trying to sell used engines to customers that expect a lot more.

The remanufactured engine business is a great business. We’ve built a team of mechanics and sales staff at our company. We rebuild engines because we want customers to get value. We also rebuild them because we use a great team and showcase their talents. We continue to keep our pricing low and our quality at maximum levels. We even offer a 3-year unlimited warranty. This extends past the standard warranties that restrict mileage. Our remanufactured Ford Focus engines all receive this additional protection. We do this for no cost. This definitely provides the assurance that customers need in a world filled with engine sellers online. We’re not the only retailer selling online but some say we’re the best. You won’t know until you contact us.

Ford Focus 2.0L SPI Engines Quotes

Quotes here are simple to get. We use our toll free number at 1-877-630-3873 to give out phone quotes. Call a member of our staff right now. You’ll get to speak with our experts that share the goal of helping you. This is not a sales line. We deliver quotes from this number or you can get a quote using the quote form here. You decide and leave the low price quotes up to us. Contact us now.



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